Sunday, March 16, 2014

Melic - An Hour to Anywhere

An Hour to Anywhere is the new album from London, England based quintet Melic.

Pressing play on this impressive offering takes you on a whirlwind extravaganza of musical influences brought by each member of the band, from rock to folk to metal. The opening 40 seconds of Better Off Before lull you into thinking there's a dreamy, pop trip you're about to embark on. Then lead singer and guitarist Mark Hitchcock let's loose with a story about self discovery and the band kicks into gear and a rock n roll show begins.

By the time Nowhere I'd Rather Be gets to the chorus, you can see Melic playing in front of a sold out Wembley Stadium while the crowd rocks along to an epic new anthem, and you realize there's nowhere you'd rather be than lost in that moment.

Song after song, your musical senses are treated to folk infused songs of triumph (He Was a Fighter) to rocking stories of dealing with the repercussions of bad decisions (Ripples).

Melic is Andrew Coogan, drums; Romy Attewell, sax/keyboards; Steve Hitchcock, bass/vocals and Mark Hitchcock, vocals/guitar/trumpet. An Hour to Anywhere is a top-notch indie offering of "twelve very different tracks that highlight Melic’s versatility whilst maintaining a cohesive thread throughout the album from start to finish."

You can download An Hour to Anywhere now on the band's BandCamp page, as well as iTunes and Amazon.

And as always, tune in to the Ultimate Jamz, where the entire album is on rotation and ready for your requests!

The official Melic website

Ultimate Jamz

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