Sunday, March 16, 2014

Melic - An Hour to Anywhere

An Hour to Anywhere is the new album from London, England based quintet Melic.

Pressing play on this impressive offering takes you on a whirlwind extravaganza of musical influences brought by each member of the band, from rock to folk to metal. The opening 40 seconds of Better Off Before lull you into thinking there's a dreamy, pop trip you're about to embark on. Then lead singer and guitarist Mark Hitchcock let's loose with a story about self discovery and the band kicks into gear and a rock n roll show begins.

By the time Nowhere I'd Rather Be gets to the chorus, you can see Melic playing in front of a sold out Wembley Stadium while the crowd rocks along to an epic new anthem, and you realize there's nowhere you'd rather be than lost in that moment.

Song after song, your musical senses are treated to folk infused songs of triumph (He Was a Fighter) to rocking stories of dealing with the repercussions of bad decisions (Ripples).

Melic is Andrew Coogan, drums; Romy Attewell, sax/keyboards; Steve Hitchcock, bass/vocals and Mark Hitchcock, vocals/guitar/trumpet. An Hour to Anywhere is a top-notch indie offering of "twelve very different tracks that highlight Melic’s versatility whilst maintaining a cohesive thread throughout the album from start to finish."

You can download An Hour to Anywhere now on the band's BandCamp page, as well as iTunes and Amazon.

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The official Melic website

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Saturday, May 25, 2013

Up and Up EP by Chaser Eight

Up and Up is the latest EP by New Haven, Connecticut, USA, based indie modern rock band Chaser Eight.

As soon as you press play, you instantly know that you're in for something special from this band. A self-described "throwback to originality in rock music... with a twist". Chaser Eight manages to pay homage to some of rock music's greats of the past 30 years while adding their own distinct vision of the greatness that this genre can once again be.

Up and Up is a 7 song EP that takes you on a roller coaster ride of emotion. Produced on a indie budget, it out-shines any offering from the mainstream today.

Innovative arrangements mixed with heartfelt lyrics and infectious grooves give Chaser Eight a sound that is missing from radio today- equal parts rock, heart and soul. You can feel the emotion in every note sung by lead singer Audra Ciarleglio (or simply just *Audra*) and it plays nicely against the hook-heavy guitar riffs offered up by band mate Pat Walsh.

The overall feel of Up and Up makes it hard to believe that Chaser Eight has only been around since 2010. There's a familiarity to their sound, like you've been listening to them since high school (which for some of us was a long time ago!) but you quickly realize they're unlike anyone you've ever heard before- which itself is a good thing.

Give Up and Up by Chaser Eight a listen for yourself. It won't take long for you to figure out that they are indie rock's answer to the mistakes of today's mainstream modern rock.

Visit the bands official website to download your copy of Up and Up and as always, tune in to The Ultimate Jamz and request all of your favorite Chaser Eight tunes today!

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Monday, April 22, 2013

Circle the D.O.G.S. - Unleashed

Circle the D.O.G.S. is a Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA, based modern rock/metal band. Their debut album, Unleashed, was released on January 18, 2013.

Mid-way through the first verse of the opening track, My Life, you know that D.O.G.S. is here to play with the big boys! By the time the band hits the chorus, you're already on a trip back to the 80's, when rock n roll was soaring falsettos, hugs guitar riffs, and pounding percussion.

Standout tracks on Unleashed include One and Only, which showcases lead singer Vince Garcia's powerhouse vocal range, and Alive, which brings into the forefront the aforementioned riffs of guitarist Steve Deblanc.

By the time you've made your way thru the album and reached Frustration, you really feel the impact of the tight percussion section comprised of drummer Charles Ortiz and bassist Scott Oliver.

Unleashed is an extremely well put together effort. The album flows effortlessly from track to track, and the production is very even keeled. Not one aspect, be it the vocals or the instruments, overshadows the other to try to hide any deficiency. In today's land of over-slicked, auto-tuned  big label renderings, Circle the D.O.G.S. shows that they are the little indie band than can save rock n roll for the fans of REAL music.

Head over to iTunes and pick up Unleashed today, and tune in to The Ultimate Jamz to request your favorite Circle the D.O.G.S. tunes anytime!

Circle the D.O.G.S. - Unleashed on iTunes

Circle the D.O.G.S. ReverbNation

Circle the D.O.G.S. SoundCloud 

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Saturday, March 30, 2013

Kingdom of Few - EP

Kingdom of Few is a hard rock band from Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Their self-titled debut EP, Kingdom of Few, was released on August 9, 2011.

From the moment the opening track, On the Corner, starts to pump thru your speakers, you quickly realize that you're in for on hell of a rock n roll ride!

Led by the charismatic Curtis Butala, Kingdom of Few takes you on a rocking journey that covers everything from stadium ready anthems like Corner, to an instant hard rock classic, Rich Man, to the funk infused Looking for a Fight, which highlights one seriously bad ass bass player in Alex Parks.

Even when the band tunes down the fire breathing on the track Listen, you feel their rock roots digging in deep thanks to their impressive lead guitarist, Reno Serani.

On an EP full of highlights, one of the brightest, Take it Away, showcases the talents of drummer John Clark, and shows you exactly why Kingdom of Few is ready to lead modern rock into a new era.

Wrapping the EP up is the track All Night Long. It's only fitting that the best song of the EP is saved for last. Every element that makes a rock band great is found on this track: signature vocals, hard-edge bass line, smouldering guitar and a drum beat that ties the entire tune together for 5:20 of rock n roll bliss!

Pick up the Kingdom of Few EP on iTunes today and tune in to The Ultimate Jamz to request your favorite KOF tune today!

Kingdom of Few EP on iTunes

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Sunday, March 10, 2013

The Games We Play by David Geftakys

David Geftakys is a indie singer/songwriter based in Los Angeles, CA, USA. Though he has only been on the indie music scene for a few short years, he has made quite a mark on this often overlooked musical genre.

Released on December 11, 2012, The Games We Play was born from David's 2010 EP Lines In My Hands. Press play and you will instantly be taken on a musical journey covering nearly every style of music you could ask for.

Highlighting David's artistic talents as a songwriter, The Games We Play is an album full of radio friendly songs laden with catchy pop hooks, roaring rock riffs and subdued folk melodies.. The opening track, And You, carries on David's penchant for love songs that tug at the heart strings, a-la the love song of 2012, Games We Play. Adult contemporary radio should stand up and take immediate notice of this track.

David flexes his rock n roll chops on Stellar Phoenix  and  Castaway, as he dives into the ever familiar dealings of relationships as only a rock star can... with hard guitar licks and a signature upper register free from strain and full of emotion... all the while daring you to try to turn the volume down!

Already enjoying heavy rotation on indie radio stations across the internet,  the aforementioned Games We Play is the type of song that can define a career and stand the test of time. Games evokes strong emotions as it expertly defines the discovery of new love. Games is also David's first bona fide hit YouTube video, with over 32,000 views to date and climbing.

Channeling his inner Jackson Browne and James Taylor, David delivers the folk goods on the singles Crossroads Empire and Remembering How to Smile.

Evoking strong thoughts and emotions to being the one person who is not afraid to take a stand, Strange has begun to take on a life of its own as a sort of anthem for a new generation.

"Is it strange to see the love after all the hate to rise above. Is it strange to be the first to cross the line?"

As David says in Say It All, "The road you walk is the one you pave." Say is a personal favorite that conjures memories of some of the top touring acts of the late 80's with a huge guitar riff and David's trademark range on full display on a radio ready hook that begs to be made into a video in front of 30,000 screaming fans at a stadium near you.

Indie music accolades are quickly piling up for David. Recently named Artist of the Year by The Indie Music Bus, David is redefining the importance of social networking to spread his music all over the world, literally, with the help of his ever present #TeamDG.

Enjoy The Games We Play by David Geftakys and download it today from and iTunes or order a physical copy directly from David's website. And tune into The Ultimate Jamz and request your favorite David Geftakys song today!

The Games We Play on

The Games We Play on iTunes

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

12 Years Driven

12 Years Driven is a alt/metal band from Houston, TX. A journey 12 years in the making brought together Adam Simmons, Larry Gilstrap, Mark Powell, Mark Sebren & Robert Rice to give Texas and the world of metal music something they haven't seen or heard since the early days of Pantera.

A quick, hard-hitting 3 song EP highlights everything that is right about this band. A distinct, aggressive lead vocal by Robert Rice, thumping, ground shaking percussion brought by Mark Sebren on drums and Mark Powell on bass, all tied up nice and nasty by Adam Simmons and Larry Gilstrap sharing guitar duty, every song on this EP is a highlight that stands on it's own merit and pays homage to some of the greatest metal bands of all-time.

Stop by the band's Reverbnation page and see for yourself why 12 Years Driven is poised to make their mark on the music scene. They'll leave your ears throbbing and you'll thank them every second of this epic 3 song EP.

And don't forget to tune in the The Ultimate Jamz to request your favorite 12 Years Driven song!

12 Years Driven ReverbNation

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Wading Through the Bracken, Part 1 by David Gielan

David Gielan is a indie singer/songwriter/producer/composer based out of Los Angeles, CA. Wading Through the Bracken, Part 1 is the latest gem turned out by Melody Maker Productions highlighting David's musical talents.

Though only 4 songs long, Bracken covers a wide range of musical styles from folk to pop to alternative rock. The opening track, Here Me Out, is a pop radio ready track chock full of harmonious hooks that shine the spotlight on David's vocal range and smart lyric writing. Together We Shall Go is indie-folk music at its finest.

Simple Days is a previously released single that has been remastered for this EP. Already a hit single on indie radio stations such as The Ultimate Jamz, KrankIt Radio & Wise Radio, Days takes you on an emotional roller coaster of longing for days gone by when times were simpler and innocence lost was not innocence that was lost forever.

Rounding out the EP, Never Stop Believing is the song that can help put David on the musical map. It has all the elements that make a great song an anthem for a new generation of music lovers. "Even when the rain is pouring down, you've been knocked to the ground, you get back up again... never stop believing."

Once in a generation does an artist such as David Gielan come along to give us hope for the future of music. Download Wading Through the Bracken, Part 1 today from iTunes and CDBaby, and listen to and request songs from Bracken on The Ultimate Jamz today!

Wading Through the Bracken, Part 1 on iTunes

Wading Through the Bracken, Part 1 on CDBaby