Wednesday, February 13, 2013

12 Years Driven

12 Years Driven is a alt/metal band from Houston, TX. A journey 12 years in the making brought together Adam Simmons, Larry Gilstrap, Mark Powell, Mark Sebren & Robert Rice to give Texas and the world of metal music something they haven't seen or heard since the early days of Pantera.

A quick, hard-hitting 3 song EP highlights everything that is right about this band. A distinct, aggressive lead vocal by Robert Rice, thumping, ground shaking percussion brought by Mark Sebren on drums and Mark Powell on bass, all tied up nice and nasty by Adam Simmons and Larry Gilstrap sharing guitar duty, every song on this EP is a highlight that stands on it's own merit and pays homage to some of the greatest metal bands of all-time.

Stop by the band's Reverbnation page and see for yourself why 12 Years Driven is poised to make their mark on the music scene. They'll leave your ears throbbing and you'll thank them every second of this epic 3 song EP.

And don't forget to tune in the The Ultimate Jamz to request your favorite 12 Years Driven song!

12 Years Driven ReverbNation