Sunday, March 10, 2013

The Games We Play by David Geftakys

David Geftakys is a indie singer/songwriter based in Los Angeles, CA, USA. Though he has only been on the indie music scene for a few short years, he has made quite a mark on this often overlooked musical genre.

Released on December 11, 2012, The Games We Play was born from David's 2010 EP Lines In My Hands. Press play and you will instantly be taken on a musical journey covering nearly every style of music you could ask for.

Highlighting David's artistic talents as a songwriter, The Games We Play is an album full of radio friendly songs laden with catchy pop hooks, roaring rock riffs and subdued folk melodies.. The opening track, And You, carries on David's penchant for love songs that tug at the heart strings, a-la the love song of 2012, Games We Play. Adult contemporary radio should stand up and take immediate notice of this track.

David flexes his rock n roll chops on Stellar Phoenix  and  Castaway, as he dives into the ever familiar dealings of relationships as only a rock star can... with hard guitar licks and a signature upper register free from strain and full of emotion... all the while daring you to try to turn the volume down!

Already enjoying heavy rotation on indie radio stations across the internet,  the aforementioned Games We Play is the type of song that can define a career and stand the test of time. Games evokes strong emotions as it expertly defines the discovery of new love. Games is also David's first bona fide hit YouTube video, with over 32,000 views to date and climbing.

Channeling his inner Jackson Browne and James Taylor, David delivers the folk goods on the singles Crossroads Empire and Remembering How to Smile.

Evoking strong thoughts and emotions to being the one person who is not afraid to take a stand, Strange has begun to take on a life of its own as a sort of anthem for a new generation.

"Is it strange to see the love after all the hate to rise above. Is it strange to be the first to cross the line?"

As David says in Say It All, "The road you walk is the one you pave." Say is a personal favorite that conjures memories of some of the top touring acts of the late 80's with a huge guitar riff and David's trademark range on full display on a radio ready hook that begs to be made into a video in front of 30,000 screaming fans at a stadium near you.

Indie music accolades are quickly piling up for David. Recently named Artist of the Year by The Indie Music Bus, David is redefining the importance of social networking to spread his music all over the world, literally, with the help of his ever present #TeamDG.

Enjoy The Games We Play by David Geftakys and download it today from and iTunes or order a physical copy directly from David's website. And tune into The Ultimate Jamz and request your favorite David Geftakys song today!

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  1. You guys are amazing! Thank you for the wonderful review! Just saw it! It's a fantastic feeling to know you took your time with the album and appreciated so much of what I wanted to do & say. Thrilled to be connected with such an amazing indie support.

    Much love,

    David Geftakys