Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Wading Through the Bracken, Part 1 by David Gielan

David Gielan is a indie singer/songwriter/producer/composer based out of Los Angeles, CA. Wading Through the Bracken, Part 1 is the latest gem turned out by Melody Maker Productions highlighting David's musical talents.

Though only 4 songs long, Bracken covers a wide range of musical styles from folk to pop to alternative rock. The opening track, Here Me Out, is a pop radio ready track chock full of harmonious hooks that shine the spotlight on David's vocal range and smart lyric writing. Together We Shall Go is indie-folk music at its finest.

Simple Days is a previously released single that has been remastered for this EP. Already a hit single on indie radio stations such as The Ultimate Jamz, KrankIt Radio & Wise Radio, Days takes you on an emotional roller coaster of longing for days gone by when times were simpler and innocence lost was not innocence that was lost forever.

Rounding out the EP, Never Stop Believing is the song that can help put David on the musical map. It has all the elements that make a great song an anthem for a new generation of music lovers. "Even when the rain is pouring down, you've been knocked to the ground, you get back up again... never stop believing."

Once in a generation does an artist such as David Gielan come along to give us hope for the future of music. Download Wading Through the Bracken, Part 1 today from iTunes and CDBaby, and listen to and request songs from Bracken on The Ultimate Jamz today!

Wading Through the Bracken, Part 1 on iTunes

Wading Through the Bracken, Part 1 on CDBaby

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